Food Safety Essentials (Schools)


45 minute course covering the basics of doos safety

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Food businesses must, by law, ensure that all staff have received the appropriate level of safety and hygiene training commensurate with their role and risk.

It is a useful induction programme for those undertaking work-experience in a food business, and for anyone with a keen interest in learning more about the basic principles of food safety and hygiene.

This online course is suitable for those working in a catering environment who are not directly involved in the preparation or handling of high-risk foods, but work in an environment where food is handled elsewhere or only deal with low-risk foods. It is also ideal for those working with pre-packaged or wrapped food.

Highfield e-learning’s Food Safety Level 1 course has been written by one of the world’s leading food safety experts, Richard Sprenger, and is accredited by the UK’s leading organisation for regulated food safety qualifications.


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